About Us

At Hollywood Vitality we really care about you as an individual whether you buy products from us or not. Everyone should live a happy and fulfilled life. We understand at times some of us have internal issues that are difficult to deal with. Sometimes as a result of stress we smoke, gain weight, or our internal system is too active which may be caused by fluctuating blood sugar levels or perhaps too much caffeine. Ideally a healthy person is a calm stable individual who is able to maintain a positive energy and succeed at all levels in their life despite the distractions from everyday stresses hindering our pleasure and peace of mind.

We are here to serve your daily needs for supplements that will assist in maintaining a healthy happy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to shed some extra weight or you are seeking to stabilize your inner self, we have the products that will help you achieve your ultimate well-being.

The real benefit of our Body App patches is they deliver a constant dose of supplements directly into your bloodstream as they are being worn. This allows a greater portion of the supplement to actually be absorbed thus more effective. Many people especially children have a difficult time swallowing a daily vitamin. Besides, when consuming a chewable or capsule only approximately 20% of the supplement is actually being absorbed into your bloodstream.

Our products are carefully selected by the industries top scientific pros who know what is best to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle garnering maximum results. You will notice we do not carry every product known to mankind. We only carry the best products that will make a REAL difference in your life. We will never carry a product even if it is Doctor endorsed unless it is unquestionably scientifically proven to bring results. In fact, we offer a 100% satisfaction no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason the product does not meet your expectations simply ship it back to us and we will process a complete refund less shipping costs.